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To get accepted into a top school, you first need a top SAT/ACT score. It's the path to winning 6-figure scholarship offers and admission into your dream school. This is what we focus on inside of Ivy League Score - my group test prep program for high school sophomores and juniors looking to raise their SAT and ACT scores for the top schools they’re applying to. Inside of Ivy League Score, you will learn the mindset, skills, and strategy that you need to score 1500+ on the SAT or 34+ on the ACT in the next 6 months

Ivy League Score

Ivy League Acceptance is my 12-month program for sophomores and juniors preparing for the college application process for highly selective schools. Through 4 core phases, we focus on managing academic stress, developing impactful extracurricular leadership, creating a thematic college application, and writing phenomenal essays to gain acceptance into your dream school.

Ivy League Acceptance 

Working together, my students achieve 1500+ SAT scores/34+ ACT scores and gain acceptance into the most competitive schools in the country.

In the last 18 months, my clients were accepted into: