The college process has changed rapidly over the last few decades. Now more than ever, it is important to have the right guidance.

Introducing ivy league acceptance...

my 12-month college preP program designed to help your student get accepted into an Ivy League/Top 20 school or win $100,000+ in merit scholarships.

Our process is proven. The graduating Ivy League Acceptance Class of 2024 has reported a whopping 1.7 million in merit scholarships this year alone, with 90% of our students accepted into a highly competitive school or winning $100,000+ in merit scholarships. Your student is next. 

Instead of your student fearing rejection throughout the application process, inside Ivy League Acceptance, your student will have an application that creates a win-win. Ivy League/Top 20 school acceptances and 6-figure merit scholarships that save you 5-figures and 6-figures in tuition. 

You either get into an Ivy/Top 20 school or win thousands in merit scholarships. And for over a third of my students, the best of both worlds - Ivy League Acceptances and 100K-300K+ in merit.

Then you get to make the best decision from a luxury of options.

Ivy League Acceptance includes 1:1 coaching, weekly college coaching calls, daily question support, and a start-to-finish online curriculum for every college question you have.

The graduating ILA Class of 2024 has reported a whopping 1.7 million in merit scholarships this year alone, with 90% of our students accepted into an Ivy League/Top 20 University or winning $100,000+ in merit scholarships. 

Your student is next. Book your consultation call for our May 2024 class today to get started.

Instead of your student fearing rejection throughout the application process, inside Ivy League Acceptance, your student will have an application that creates a win-win.

Inside Ivy League acceptance, we help students get accepted into their dream schools and win 6-figure merit scholarships through 4 core phases...

As an alumni of Stanford University, I have navigated the process of highly selective admissions to get accepted into one of the most competitive schools in the country. Now, I have dedicated my career to help students around the world get accepted into their dream schools. 

In The last 2 admissions cycles alone, ivy league acceptance clients were accepted into...

& Results


Program Features

You and your student can get your 1:1 questions answered daily. Your student will have the Ivy League Acceptance team on speed dial to text their questions. 

A private podcast with weekly coaching and weekly advice just for you and your student to hear from Janae directly.

Daily Question Support

Private Ivy League Acceptance Podcast

Biweekly 1:1 Zoom coaching sessions guiding you and your student through the college application process from start to finish through the 4 phases above.

Weekly coaching calls with a top cohort of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors for your student to stay motivated, engaged, and connected throughout the application process. 

1:1 Coaching

Weekly Coaching

Exclusive online member portal with video resources, SAT/ACT practice exams and problems, worksheets, example Ivy League student essays, and tutorials for every essay you'll need to write.

5-Step College Application Curriculum

We'll manage deadlines with your student, send you biweekly updates straight to your inbox, and update you on important changes in college admissions so you can be as hands-off as you'd like.

Stress-Free Parent Project Management System

Your student will be able to learn and directly engage with mentors from their top schools across the country to build a competitive edge with on-campus secrets.

Direct Access to Ivy League Mentors 

Inside Ivy League Acceptance, we blend direct experience and mentorship with Ivy League expertise - which is more effective than general college guidance from someone who hasn't navigated the process directly in decades.

Retired admissions professionals and counselors have a wealth of experience in being able to say what stands out on paper in a large applicant pool.

But what “looks good on paper” and how to actually create that are two different things.

Mentorship requires direct experience.

For your teen to actually do the things that will get them accepted into an Ivy/Top 20 school or win 100K+ in merit scholarships, they need to work with a coach that has direct experience implementing these things themselves as a teen.

They need someone to show them how to actually get the research position. How to put down Tik-Tok to write that essay in 30 minutes. How to balance AP/IB classes when you're exhausted after soccer practice. How to strategize to build that thing outside of school to 100+ people in only a few hours a month.

They need coaching on the real things that move the needle. 

They need someone who will understand all the nooks and crannies of how to actually create an Ivy League-level application from direct experience.

This is what we do in Ivy League Acceptance - and it's why we're leading the industry in client results. 

What makes this program different?

It’s time to make your dream school a reality

At the start of my first session with Janae, I was immediately blown away by her dedication to the quality of my application persona and my essays. At the time, many of my friends were telling me about their experiences with their outside counselors—how their counselors didn’t fully listen to their needs and treated the experience as more of a job/transaction than a willingness and eagerness to produce a stellar application. Janae was nothing like this. She listened to my ideas, worked to understand what I liked in a college when creating my list, and strategically considered the themes in my application persona when brainstorming how to answer essay prompts. What I have loved about my experience with Janae is that this isn’t just a business to her; it’s the opportunity to share her knowledge and insight with students who were once just like her not too long ago. She sees herself in us—students that are bright, passionate, and willing to put the work in—and is eager to help create an application that we are proud of. Janae has texted me at 1am about essays and met with me at 7am for sessions. She has been there to see my growth as a writer through my essays, and as a person throughout this application process. 

I genuinely don’t think I could have done it without her: I had a foundation of ideas and the diligence to create thoughtful, creative essays, but Janae shaped them into something truly remarkable. She makes the college process—an inherently stressful time—enjoyable through setting deadlines and being accessible through text or email when you have any questions. She pushed me when she knew essays weren’t as strong; she challenged me to think outside of the box, and without her voice encouraging me, seeing my potential, I wouldn’t have the application I do today. So, I encourage anyone thinking about getting an outside college counselor to sign up with Janae because she is someone who, like the student, wants to and is proud to see results."

I got accepted into Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Dartmouth. I couldn't have done it without Janae.


Maggie C.

"I recently just worked with Janae on my college essays and to say that I’m satisfied would be a HUGE understatement. Her editing has really just made me feel confident in my writing and feel confident that I’m putting my best foot forward in the college application process, especially to highly selective schools. Janae does several rounds of revisions, so every single time she looks at it with a fresh perspective and my voice really shines through. In the end, everything adds up and you get an idea of who I am and that’s the whole point of these essays - to convey yourself the best that you can. Coming from someone who isn’t the best writer, working with Janae has really made my essays shine. I would like to thank Janae and her entire team so much for helping me with these essays! Making this small investment into my future was definitely worth it as she invests so much care and effort to help me achieve my goals."

I got into Princeton and Yale! To say that I'm satisfied would be a HUGE understatement.

Princeton University


Working with Janae, I was able to refine and polish my essays catered for more competitive and prestigious schools. Her feedback and constructive editing has allowed my voice and passions to be emphasized and has boosted confidence in my work. Additionally, Janae's assistance with SAT prep during the initial stages of the program helped me increase my score from the 1200s to the 1400s on the SAT. Regardless of what I was working on in the moment, she helped me produce my best work and encouraged me along the way!


Full ride to UT AUSTIN


"I began working with Janae in my sophomore year of high school and I'm so glad to have had her support throughout the past three years, especially during junior and senior year when school & the application process became more rigorous. In my sophomore & junior year, Janae's team helped me prep for standardized testing and the skills I learned from SAT/ACT tutoring translated over to help me perform well on AP exams as well. During my meetings with Janae, I expressed that Stanford was one of my top schools and she helped me prepare for the college application process. Beyond understanding what the process entailed (supplemental essays, rec letters, additional info section, etc), Janae and her team also shared insights about helping my voice shine throughout my application as a whole. Even as a sophomore, I learned about what a college application "theme" was, and becoming familiar with the application process earlier on helped alleviate stress from senior year because I felt more prepared. A huge thank you to Young College Prep and I'm excited to join Janae on the farm next year!"




Mia joined Ivy League Acceptance as a rising senior. Mia was accepted into Georgetown without being an athlete. Without being a Legacy candidate. Without conducting research or having a fancy summer internship. Inside Ivy League Acceptance, we focused on crafting a 3-part niche application story given her extracurricular experiences and then brainstorming, writing, and editing that application story into Ivy League quality essays.  This allowed her to stand out, get accepted into her dream school, and create luxurious options for her family, even without being the perfect student. 

Mia was accepted into Georgetown and won 200K in merit scholarships.

Georgetown University and 200K in merit


Sarah joined Ivy League Acceptance as a rising junior.

In only 3-4 months during junior year, Sarah was able to…
- Self-publish a children's book about historical women of color leaders in the business world
- Find and conduct economics research with an NYU professor on gender economics
- Host a conference on entrepreneurship for women of color this past summer
- Find and secure a paid law internship to give her exposure to her future career path

SAT Score: Raised SAT score from1350 to 1540
School Acceptances: University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, UMichigan, plus $380,000 in merit scholarships.

Sarah was accepted into UPenn, Georgetown, UMich, and won 380K in merit.

UPenn, Georgetown, Umichigan, 380K in Merit


Charles won over $268,000 in merit scholarships, even while applying test-optional throughout the college application process. 
During his junior year, we focused on creating a specific and robust 3-tiered extracurricular profile in his niche of creative entrepreneurship using the Ivy League Extracurricular Framework. 

And during his senior year, we focused on two things:  1) Creating an Entrepreneurial Application Story that spoke directly to the characteristics merit scholarship committees are looking for when awarding BIG merit scholarships  and 2) Brainstorming, writing, and editing Ivy League-level essays for all the schools on Charles’s list (20-30 essays) 

This allowed him to stand out and highlight the strengths of his application to win 268K in merit scholarships!

Charles won $268,000 in merit scholarships, even while applying test-optional.

Bentley university and 268K in merit


Nyelli joined Ivy League Acceptance as a junior during her application year. Inside Ivy League Acceptance, she was able to secure an internship on Capitol Hill and create an IMPACT project event serving 200+ women focused on immigrant women's health and wellness in partnership with the Mexican Consulate. Using the essay support inside Ivy League Acceptance, Nyelli was accepted early into UC Berkeley, won the Regents and Chancellor's Scholarship, and over 90K in merit from her application alone. 

Nyelli was accepted into UC Berkeley, won the UC regents and Chancellor's scholarship, and over 90K in merit.

UC Berkeley, regents and chancellor's scholarship, and 90K in merit


Janae joined Ivy League Acceptance as a junior in preparation for her Ivy League applications. Inside Ivy League Acceptance, Janae secured admission to a highly competitive MIT summer program and created an application story to stand out, even in a competitive major such as computer science. Using the essay support inside Ivy League Acceptance, Janae was able to differentiate her application with a strategic, powerful essays and was accepted into Stanford University. 

Janae was accepted into Stanford as a Computer Science major, even while applying test-optional.

Stanford University


After joining Ivy League Acceptance as a rising senior, Sam focused on building her extracurriculars to create a stand-out factor she knew would be important for BIG merit scholarships. Janae coached her on how to launch an entrepreneurial event, even as a rising senior months out from application season, focused on helping women of color entrepreneurs. With a combination of this extracurricular boost and the essay support inside Ivy League Acceptance, Sam was able to win over 500K in merit and a full-ride to one of her top schools. 

Sam won a full-ride scholarship to one of her top schools, without getting a 1400+ on the SAT.

Spelman College and 500K in merit


Parent of Maggie (Harvard Class of 2026) and Grace (Boston University Class of 2026) 

"The level of help Janae provided was outstanding and now when I think of her name and what she did for my twins I say to myself, "That was the best money I have ever spent for tutoring"

Laura Chiappetta

I have twin daughters and both were applying to top-notch colleges. Both have 4.5 or higher grade point average and my first thought was "they can do this on their own". What I witnessed was that with the experienced help from Janae they had the extra boost of confidence that they needed to get through this process. First one of the twins started tutoring with Janae for the SAT test and her assistance and knowledge about the test and teaching of the material was totally superb. Then because we had such a great experience with tutoring for the SAT, we continued on for college preparation and essays. Janae is kind and caring and very passionate about her work. She spends time with your child and is open to phone calls and texts at any time for any questions.

 The level of help Janae provided was outstanding and now when I think of her name and what she did for my twins I say to myself, "That was the best money I have ever spent for tutoring". Janae helped my twins perfect their essays for all of the colleges they were applying to. My daughter got into her ED school, Boston University. I do not think any of this process would have gone as smoothly without Janae. The college application process is scary for a teen and I can say that I feel with Janae Young's help both of my kids got through it and feel confident about their applications and their essays. This is a big step for any parent and child and I think that Janae Young is the best choice to help with college preparation. This is money well spent for your child's future!!

Class of 2022, Boston University

"Janae didn’t just tell me what to fix, she taught me, and this made me become a better writer. I ended up getting into my top school and I couldn’t have done it without Janae."

Grace C.

I started out the college process very unsure of where to start, how to even write my supplements, and with a personal statement that was far from polished. However, from even the first session with Janae, my worries faded because she made all of this work seem attainable. 

What really eased my mind was having a plan about the major themes of my application: I knew from the start that my whole application needed to be cohesive and I never would have been able to plan this out with Janae. Along with this, she helped me plan and strategize when I could write these supplements and how each one would look on the application. Some of my friends’ college counselors told me that the writing didn’t feel like theirs, but I never felt this way when working with Janae. In the sessions, we always worked together and I always felt that my voice was heard and never diminished. I appreciated that even outside of sessions, I could just text Janae and she would find the time to look over my writing to provide feedback. Janae is mature and professional. On top of this, she was able to be even more empathetic to this process since she recently went through it. Janae didn’t just tell me what to fix, she taught me, and this made me become a better writer by the end. Now, I am far more confident in my writing skills. I would recommend Janae to anyone that is considering working with her. I ended up getting into my early decision to Boston University and I couldn’t have done it without Janae.

“Over the past few months, I have worked with Janae on my college essays and on creating a schedule that helped me stay organized during the entire application process. Going into my senior year, I was worried about crafting the perfect application and finding the best school for me. Through all my worries, Janae was there to support me every step of the way, always answering my questions with impeccable detail and insight. She is incredibly genuine, making me feel comfortable reaching out to her whenever I needed help. Janae ensured that I felt confident in all the materials I submitted and that each aspect of my application was truly a representation of me. With Janae’s help, I was able to get into my top choice school through early decision. Thank you Janae for believing in me and for helping me make my dreams a reality!”

Janae was there to support me every step of the way, always answering my questions with impeccable detail and insight. I was accepted into my top-choice school.

Class of 2022
Oberlin College


Coming to America with immigrant parents, the college process seemed incredibly daunting. I didn't know where to start or how to navigate the college world so when Janae told me she had a spot left in her college coaching program, it was an absolute blessing. I knew right from the moment we had the first consulting call that she was the coach for me because I felt like she connected with me on a level I never felt with other teachers. Janae really understands how to connect with her students and make them feel seen. I was always worried that my story could never be good enough for college admissions, but she made me realize that my story is one of a kind and that I am a unique student. Throughout the coaching process, I started to believe in myself in ways I never did before. I never thought that scholarships were something I would ever dream of because of my immigration status and visa restrictions, but I was able to get a 50k scholarship and I would have never been able to do it without Janae's guidance. She helped me turn my ideas into stories that felt authentic to me, which I have always struggled with in my essay writing. But beyond the technical skills and guidance she was able to provide, she also became someone I admired and looked up to. Her mindset coaching transformed the way I now tackle problems in school, whether a math problem or procrastination. My work ethic, in and out of school has changed for the better and I am so grateful I will be taking the skills and mindset Janae taught me to college and beyond. 

I was able to get a 50k scholarship and I would have never been able to do it without Janae's guidance.

Class of 2023


My college application process was definitely a hectic time, with lots of confusion, pressure, and obstacles to work through. However, Janae's mentorship, guidance, and expertise really took me far, and helped me gain the confidence, results, and understanding of how to navigate this process with success. I am blessed to say that I got into 11/12 of the schools I applied to including top business programs, several honors programs, generous merit/ full tuition scholarship programs, and Cornell University! Since day one, she was helpful and passionate about empowering me to reach my goals and was intentional about the support she gave. With late nights, leaving me feedback on my essays, to Saturday brainstorming sessions when I couldn't figure out what to write, Janae stood as remarkable counselor through it all! I am very blessed and grateful to God to have the generous outcome I did, and I am thankful that I had Janae with me through every step of the way!

Janae's mentorship, guidance, and expertise really took me far, and helped me gain the confidence, results, and understanding of how to navigate this process with success.

Class of 2022
University of Michigan


Working with Janae was an amazing experience before, during, and after my college application season. She provided the perfect level of guidance I needed as an international student navigating college applications (and life) in the US. 

Within our first month together, I raised my SAT score by over 100 points. This gave me the confidence I needed to follow through with other aspects of my application. Janae helped me recognize my strengths, weaknesses, and unique characteristics that shaped my college application.

I am eternally grateful for meeting Janae and participating in her program. The words of wisdom she shared with me still provide clarity in times of need now that I am in college. Janae gave me an opportunity to confront my self-doubt and allowed me to recognize my strong suits as a college candidate.

If you are looking for a coach who is intelligent, grounded, and experienced with college applications, I highly suggest you consider working with Janae!

Within our first month together, I raised my SAT score by over 100 points.

Class of 2022
Georgia Tech


“I have been working with Janae for just over a month and have accomplished so much because of Janae. I love how Janae knows exactly what I am going through and provides me with advice that not only helps me with college applications but in other aspects of my life as well. She really guides you through the college application process from choosing the “best fitting” schools, to brainstorming topics that truly represent who you are and to helping you describe the activities that you have done throughout your high school career. Before I started her program, I was stressed out and struggling with balancing school, my extracurricular activities and applying for college. However, I am not that person anymore. Through this program, I have become someone that leads my life with confidence and believes in myself. I value the feedback that I receive from her and love how Janae strengthens my writing skills by having me reflect on how I can improve. 
When I first started her program, I was struggling with my Common App essay. I did not know how to successfully convey the message I wanted to relay about myself and felt the essay was not structured well enough. I shared my essay with Janae and after revising and her valuable guidance, I have created an essay that I am proud of. 
My life in general has been much better because of Janae. I now have more time to spend with family and friends and even have enough time to rediscover things that I have given up before!"

After working with Janae for just 30 days, here's what Kyla had to say...

Class of 2022


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