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About Me

Growing up, I was constantly buzzing around the teacher's classroom trying to figure out how I could help explain problems to my classmates. As I progressed throughout high school, I noticed that I was able to explain concepts to my peers in a clear and understandable way that sparked deeper understanding. As someone in their position, I knew exactly how to help them. This is the power of peer education. At 15, after becoming a go-to tutor and academically coaching high school students in my community, I utilized the power of peer education to create a tutoring program for K -12 students. 

I've always loved teaching since I was a little girl.

After scaling this company to service over 50 students in my local community, Young College Prep was born.

Here's my story

In 2018, as I began the college application process, I realized that the industry lacked coaches who could relate to and deeply understand students applying to college in this new day and age.  I struggled to find practical advice on how to raise my SAT or ACT score. 

Even more so, I struggled to find coaches who looked like myself and could support the growing number of students of color applying to top schools across the country. 

The college application process has changed rapidly over the last few decades.

So I did. Using the process I teach inside Ivy league Score, in 4 months, I reached my goal score in the 99th percentile, created a phenomenal application that authentically represented ME, and was accepted into Stanford early (even with a 4% acceptance rate). After being accepted into several more Ivy League schools, I was able to choose between several top institutions and 5-figure merit aid offers from several Top 20 schools.

Even more importantly, I knew that if I figured it out, I could help other students do the same.

The summer before I applied to Stanford I knew that I needed to raise my score if I wanted to have any chance of getting accepted. After taking the PSAT, PACT, SAT, and ACT several times, I tried studying with Khan Academy and lengthy test-prep books - but still couldn't achieve my goal score. Between juggling AP classes and other extracurriculars, I knew that I needed a quick solution that wouldn't waste my time.

Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Barnard, Dartmouth, Cornell, UChicago, UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, UNC Chapel Hill, UCLA, and several other top schools across the nation. 

My students have been accepted into

Using the right process, my life changed forever. After transforming my own academic career and matriculating at Stanford, I committed to doing the same for other students. As someone who has been in your student’s exact position, I know exactly how to help them. After amassing 1000+ hours of coaching and teaching experience, I’ve built Young College Prep into a global educational consulting company that has helped hundreds of students around the world achieve their goal scores and reach their top schools. 

As a coach with direct Ivy League experience, I don't just help students get accepted. I help students thrive in the Ivy League schools they want to attend through the mindset, skills, and strategies I teach. This requires a different skill set as a coach and direct experience having navigated an Ivy League camp campus yourself. That's what I bring to the table.

After 1,000+ hours of coaching and teaching, I know that helping students reach their dream schools is my calling. This work is transformational, for this chapter in your student’s life and years to come. If your student is ready to learn how to get accepted into AND succeed at their top school, I'm your coach.

In order to stand out in a competitive applicant pool, you need the right strategy and support from someone who has gone through this process themselves.

I know first-hand how challenging this process can be for students.

This opportunity is available to you as well. Let's create it together.

The moment I was accepted into Stanford changed my life forever.

Ways to Work with Me

My 1:1 coaching program is a 12-month program for sophomores and juniors preparing for the college application process for highly selective schools. Through 4 core phases, we focus on managing academic stress, developing impactful extracurricular leadership, creating a thematic college application, and writing phenomenal essays to gain acceptance into your dream school.

1:1 Coaching

To get accepted into a top school, you first need a top SAT/ACT score. It's the path to winning 6-figure scholarship offers and admission into your dream school. This is what we focus on inside of Ivy League Score - my group test prep program for high school sophomores and juniors looking to raise their SAT and ACT scores for the top schools they’re applying to. Inside of Ivy League Score, you will learn the mindset, skills, and strategy that you need to score 1500+ on the SAT or 34+ on the ACT in the next 6 months.

Ivy League Score