To get accepted into a top school, you first need a top SAT/ACT score.

It's the key to securing thousands in scholarships and admission into your dream school.

If you’re ready to raise your SAT score to 1500+ or ACT score to 34+ for your top schools, Ivy League Score is the program for you. 

If you want to attend a top school, you first need a top SAT or ACT score. With an Ivy League SAT/ACT score, you will get accepted into Ivy League schools and top 20 schools in the nation with 5-figure and 6-figure scholarship offers.

However, getting a 1500 or 34 on the SAT or ACT isn’t just something “some people can do” and “some people can’t do.” Scoring highly on the SAT or ACT is a skill that anyone can learn.

And the key to achieving your goal score is beginning your prep process early. When you give yourself time to prepare, you will have time to review the skills and strategy you need to score highly. It’s the difference between achieving 1300 vs 1500. Or 31 vs 34.

Ivy League Score is one of the only programs in the industry designed specifically for students working to achieve a competitive score for selective schools. 

Things will feel easy by your next test date, because you made the decision to start today.

  1. You are unsure of the specific skills you need to improve. You may know you generally need to work on math or reading, but you don't have an exact list of concepts to study. This results in a general studying approach, without a targeted solution.

  2. You lack testing strategy (which isn't your fault by the way, it's rarely taught in school). On test day, this lack of strategy causes you to feel stressed, pressured, and anxious on the exam which reflects in your score.

  3. You’re unsure of how to practice on your own. This prevents you from getting better at the skills you're trying to review and leaves you questioning whether or not you’re doing the right things. Although you may be identifying which questions you're getting wrong, you don't understand why you’re getting them wrong, causing the same mistakes later down the line.

  4. You are struggling to study consistently. You're cramming a few days before your next test day or struggling to fit in study sessions because it feels like it takes you hours.

The summer before I applied to Stanford I knew that I needed to raise my score if I wanted to have any chance of getting accepted. 

If you don't have the SAT or ACT score you want, there are only 4 reasons you haven't reached your goal score yet. 

After taking the PSAT, PACT, SAT, and ACT several times, I tried studying with Khan Academy and lengthy test-prep books - but I still couldn't achieve my goal score. Between juggling AP classes and other extracurriculars, I knew that I needed a quick solution that wouldn't waste my time.

Finally, I figured it out. Using the SCORE Method we teach inside of Ivy League Score, I raised my SAT score by 150+ points and scored in the 99th percentile for the SAT and ACT in a matter of 10 weeks.

Now as an SAT/ACT expert who has helped students around the world raise their SAT and ACT scores, I have condensed my 1000+ hours of experience into one targeted program to help you achieve your goal SAT or ACT score and get accepted into your dream school. Ivy League Score cuts out the fluff so that you can stop studying the wrong thing and focus on exactly what you need to raise your SAT or ACT score.

I was accepted into several Ivy League schools, including Stanford, my dream school, and was able to win 5-figure merit scholarship offers from several Top 20 schools.


Evaluate Questions with Live Tutoring Support 


Create Your Prep Schedule 


Optimize Your Testing Strategy and Mindset 


Review the Skills

Here’s the great news. The only thing between you and your goal score on the SAT or ACT is your mindset, your skills, and your strategy.

Inside Ivy League Score, we teach you how to solve each of these challenges directly through a simple 5-step process called the SCORE Method, so you can achieve a 1500+ on the SAT or 34+ on the ACT in the next 6 months. 
Through analysis and evaluation of their diagnostic exam, your student will receive a targeted prep schedule that shows them how to achieve their goal SAT or ACT score with only 2-3 hours/week studying. Through the concepts like The Learning Traid and The 60 Minute Study Session, your student will learn how to learn, practice, and evaluate new SAT/ACT concepts in less than an hour. With step-by-step instructions for every study session and personalized video explanations from a tutor for any problem they don't understand, they’ll never leave a study session feeling confused again. 


Start with Your Diagnostic 

Inside the program, your student will begin by taking a diagnostic exam that enables us to identify the specific growth areas they need to improve to raise their SAT or ACT score. Your student will learn how to evaluate the questions on their diagnostic through the Ivy League Score Evaluation process to cut their number of mistakes in half within their first week.

Your student will learn the testing strategy they need for every section of the SAT and ACT, so that they feel confident and comfortable on exam day. From learning how to pace themselves on the reading section to analyzing how to set up complex problems, your student will become an expert at testing with time pressure and calming the nerves they feel on test day. 
Punctuation Rules, Sentences and Clauses, Verb Tense, Subject/Verb Agreement, Transitions, Parallel Structure, Combining Sentences, Adding or Deleting Sentences, Eliminating Redundancy


The overwhelming majority of the SAT and ACT tests Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, and Trigonometry. For high achieving sophomores and juniors, these courses were taken years ago. Through targeted skill videos, practice problems, and worksheets, your student will be able to review, re-watch, and re-learn the important concepts they need to know. The Ivy League Score skill curriculum includes: 
Fractions, Inequalities, Percentages, Integer Rules, Unit Conversion, Exponent Rules, Exponential Growth and Decay 

Pre Algebra

Area, Perimeter, Quadratics, Parent Functions, Volume, Circles, Angles on a Transversal, Coordinate Geometry 


SOH CAH TOA, Unit Circle, Trig Functions and Graphs, Complex Number Operations 


Survey and Sampling, Probability, Statistics, Data Analysis

Additional Math Concepts

Word Problems, Slope, Linear Functions, Systems of Equations, Systems of Inequalities, Simplifying Polynomials, Factoring, FOIL, Nested Functions, Matrices 


To deepen student learning inside of Ivy League Score, we combine on-demand training, weekly live coaching, and 1:1 support to create an engaging and interactive learning experience.

Your student will have access to live weekly SAT/ACT prep classes and daily 1:1 question support from the Ivy League Score teaching team.

They will be able to learn with other top students from around the world in a fun, diverse, stress-free community while receiving personalized step by step video explanations for any SAT/ACT question they have.

Through multiple support avenues, your student will accelerate their SAT/ACT progress. 
Think you can’t raise your SAT or ACT score in the next month? Think again! Inside the 30 day challenge, you will learn how to raise your SAT score by 100 points in 30 days and ACT score by 3 points in 30 days. 

30 Day Challenge 


Implement a 3-step study session process to learn, practice, and evaluate new SAT/ACT concepts in less than 60 minutes, so that they can successfully study even with a busy schedule. 

The 60 Minute Study Session

Learn the 3 necessary components of active learning for every study session to retain knowledge quickly and remember skills long-term. 

The Learning Triad

Learn how to relieve stress, anxiety, and pressure on test-day to creating a calm and confident experience before, during, after your exam. 

Testing Anxiety Relief 

Learn how to look at a problem, analyze it quickly, and identify the correct answer in less than 60 seconds, utilizing the testing strategy we teach to break down questions quickly. 

The 4Cs of Advanced Problem Solving 

Learn how to evaluate your questions utilizing a 6-step process to understand why you missed a question and how to prevent it in the future. This will easily cut the number of questions you’re currently missing in half.

Question Evaluation Process 

Program Features: 

Gain clarity on the exact concepts you need to study to reach your goal score within your first week inside of the program.

Diagnostic Analysis

Build momentum in preparation for your next test day using a sustainable study schedule that breaks down how to achieve your goal score with only 2-3 hours of studying per week.

Customized Prep Schedule 

You will receive weekly live classes on every skill tested on the SAT or ACT, so that you can stop guessing and begin mastering the test. Most students waste their time studying the wrong thing, we cut out the guesswork by teaching you exactly what you need to know. 

Weekly Live Calls

Dive deeper into learning through our vault of past live coaching calls inside our community that is updated weekly with our session recordings including easy to follow time stamps. You never have to worry about missing out if you can’t join us live. We have had students raise their ACT score from 26 to 34 in 30 days, just from watching our session replays. 

Live Call Replays 

1 on 1 SAT/ACT Question Support with Janae & her tutoring team so that you can ask questions at any time with personalized video explanations walking you through each problem step by step. 

Daily 1:1 Question Support 

Learn the strategy for every section on the SAT or ACT to manage time pressure, navigate difficult passages, and easily identify the correct answer in 60 seconds for each question.

Testing Strategy 

Learn the mindset tools you need to ease stress, anxiety, and overwhelm on test-day to increase your confidence. 

Testing Mindset 

No need to rush. You have access to the entire program until high school graduation. We will help you raise your SAT/ACT score in less than 90 days. We will continue helping you for as much time as you need.

Access Until High School Graduation 

Master every SAT/ACT concept with an online school with 40+ hours of training that breaks down every skill and strategy concept you need to know. Pause and re-watch these training as many times as you like. Utilize your online school as a resource for the rest of your high school career.

40+ Videos of SAT/ACT Curriculum 

Don’t worry about searching online for practice material. Access hundreds of practice problems sorted by concept, step by step worksheets, and SAT/ACT practice exams at your fingertips. 

Targeted Practice Problems, Worksheets, and Practice Exams 

Get ahead by learning how to prepare for selective schools in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade through monthly workshops + Q&A focused on class selection, college planning, extracurriculars, and college preparation.

Monthly 9th, 10th, and 11th Grade College Preparation Workshops 

Bonus Trainings

Prepare for senior year by learning how to brainstorm, write, and edit phenomenal essays for selective schools. 

How to Write Phenomenal Essays for Selective Schools 

Learn how to plan your week to balance test prep, extracurriculars, homework, and other priorities inside this bonus course. Gain 3 extra hours a week back to spend stress-free.

How to Plan Your Week, Manage Your Time, and Beat Procrastination

Learn the formula to win 5-figure and 6-figure scholarships from universities and private organizations. Utilize your Ivy League SAT/ACT score to save on college tuition over the next 4 years. 

How to Win Thousands of Dollars in Scholarships

If you’re ready to attend a top school, Ivy League Score is the test prep program you’ve been searching for.

Join us today to achieve a 1500 on the SAT or 34 on the ACT in the next 6 months. this is the program you've been searching for. 


6 monthly payments of


1 payment of

Before working with Janae, I was an incredibly independent student who planned on embarking on the ACT/SAT and college application processes alone. I was sure I could accomplish these milestones myself, but Janae showed me that accepting 24/7 advice from her reliable team was the extra boost I needed to feel 100% confident in the authentic application narrative I was cultivating from junior to senior year. 

Beyond the numerical successes I’ve experienced, what I appreciate most about Janae is the unconventional, applicable wisdom she’s passed down from her own life. I now know how to strategically prepare for situations to go unplanned (in and out of the testing room), how to concisely articulate my passions within essays and interviews, how to bring myself down from emotional turmoil into logical space, and most importantly, how to focus on the big picture while maintaining my sense of self-worth. These are all maturational lessons I will carry with me even beyond college, and I’m so grateful Janae gave them to me during my most formative years.  

Collaborating with Janae is more than a mentorship opportunity; it’s an ongoing, trusting relationship where no question/concern is left unanswered. If you’re hesitant about partnering with Janae like I was, I can certainly say that not only will her program produce results; you will also walk away as a more confident, emotionally-aware individual.

Within 2 months inside of Ivy League Score, Grace scored 1520 on the SAT and 34 on the ACT


Vivek raised his SAT score by 230 points in less than 2 months, from 1280 to 1510 inside of Ivy League Score and received a full, four year scholarship to UChicago.

I had another 1:1 tutor before Janae who did not prepare me at all for the ACT. When I sat down and took it, the test felt foreign. I ended up getting a 26 on that ACT in October of 2021. Then in January, I joined Ivy League Score because it best fit my schedule and the lecture and strategy videos were just what I needed. After a few weeks of attending live tutoring and watching the videos (I only had three full weeks to study before the February test due to having Covid for a while), I felt prepared. By February, I confidently took the ACT and got my goal score of a 34! I never thought that my score would improve by 8 points in such a little time, but it actually happened!

Personally, the math and English strategies were the most beneficial to my score improvement because they showed me a new approach to those sections. Overall, I got a 34 on English, a 33 on Math, a 36 on Reading, and a 31 on Science. With this score, I feel much more confident applying to my dream schools because test-optional applications are not usually accepted, so an acceptance would have been a long shot without the 34. Whether it was Janae and her team helping me with my 1 on 1 questions in minutes or being able to watch specific videos that were tailored to the concept that I was struggling with, I cannot say enough about this program.

Avery Raised Her ACT Score from 26 to 34 in 4 Weeks

"Whether it was Janae responding to my texts in minutes or being able to watch specific videos that were tailored to the concept that I was struggling with, I cannot say enough about this program."


Within 3 months inside of Ivy League Score, Isabella crossed 1500 on the SAT

I joined Ivy League Score at the start of my Senior Year and I look back now realizing how afraid I felt about the admissions process before working with Janae. I now feel completely changed both personally and academically and know that I have been given so many skills to adapt and grow as I enter my freshman year of college.

Even when I had my first introductory meeting with Janae, I immediately felt my confidence and excitement restored in the college application process. Janae probably remembers me and my mom crying on that call because I felt so much support from her. She understood my situation completely and in a way that no one else had previously. She told me how she could alleviate the stress from the process and whatever Janae promises - she 100% delivers. 

Within 30 days, I increased my ACT superscore by 2 points, including getting a perfect score in reading, and had incredibly progressed with my Common Application essay. I also fell in love with writing each essay because I looked forward to her feedback and to sharing my progress with her.

Now, I have gotten offers from a few colleges already and each one has come with enough aid and scholarships for college to no longer feel like it was unachievable. But more importantly, as I wait on more decisions coming in the next couple of weeks, I know that Janae has prepared me for any response and I feel so much more optimistic and energized about my future because of Ivy League Score.

Class of 2022


Accepted into Harvard, Barnard, Case Western, Grinnell, Macalester, Vassar, and Bowdoin

I started working with Janae during the fall of my senior year. I was trying to get a grasp on this crazy, difficult college admission process and Janae had all the answers. She led me through countless essay revisions, interview practices, and a few heart-to-hearts about fixing my mindset. This process is daunting and feels extremely overwhelming at times, but you need a support system that cares, understands, yet pushes when you need help. And that’s the encapsulation of who Janae is! She has shown me how important it truly is to lead with confidence and authenticity not only in my writing, but in my journey through life. Hard learned lessons I’ll hold near forever!

She has shown me how important it truly is to lead with confidence and authenticity not only in my writing, but in my journey through life.


Accepted into Pomona College with $200,000 scholarship, Class of 2023

I began working with Janae during my Junior year of high school. I had high anxiety around the ACT and had a specific score that I hoped to achieve. Before working with Janae, I felt discouraged and lacked clarity on the steps necessary to achieve success. As one of Janae’s students, I not only learned specific topics related to the ACT, but also gained insight on how to find success in all areas of my life. Janae’s coaching taught me the value of investing in yourself and committing to self-discipline to establish a work-life balance. Working with Janae helped me raise my ACT score by 2 points to achieve the goal score I spent months working towards. Janae has been a wonderful coach, mentor, and friend throughout the end of my high school career, and I’m so grateful for her guidance and encouragement.

Accepted into Chapel Hill
 Class of 2023


Janae has been a wonderful coach, mentor, and friend throughout the end of my high school career

For me, entering into the college application process initially felt very intimidating and nerve-wracking. However, after only a few sessions in Ivy League Score with Janae, she showed me that I can utilize my skills and ability to proceed through my college applications with confidence and clarity. 

With Janae’s help, I was able to view my college applications and essays as an exciting goal to reach, rather than a daunting task that needs to be completed. I truly value how Janae always sees the best in everyone, and personally guides you to craft your essay ideas into reality. After every session in Ivy League Score , I got closer to my essay goals and gained useful insight on how to improve my writing, while also learning valuable skills, like time-management and self-reflection, along the way.

I remember submitting my final essays to my colleges, and I felt very proud and accomplished in the essays I had created because of Janae’s valuable feedback and guidance. Through Ivy League Score , I have discovered so much about myself from the development of my essays, and the importance of believing in myself. 

Janae is a great mentor and is someone that I can look up to because she truly cares for the success of her students! I felt more relieved in the college application process under Ivy League Score as it removed any initial worries and stresses that I had, allowing me to feel more confident in my work and carry the lessons I learned into my future!

I have discovered so much about myself from the development of my essays, and the importance of believing in myself. 


“This program allowed me to have access to people who were willing to help me and reach exclusive resources and information I couldn’t normally get in any other programs. My score actually rose 170 points in 10 weeks after going through this course and with their tips and strategies, I will continue to increase my score and try new approaches I hadn’t considered before.”

Linda Raised Her Score 170 points in 10 weeks 


"Honestly, I would have to say for me this program was a pivotal moment in my educational learning but also my life journey. Ivy League Score definitely allowed me to figure out what I needed to do and why what I was doing was wrong. I even messaged Janae and her team at like 9 pm one night and was like "Janae I'm struggling, can you please help me?" and she immediately got back to me, gave me a full explanation, and allowed me to understand the deeper reason of why what I was doing was wrong. And for that, I am forever grateful. I’m so happy with this program and all that it has taught me about active learning and the SAT. I will definitely be using these skills that I acquired in school (now and in college) and life! I was able to raise my score by 210 points, I’m so so so beyond grateful for you and your entire program. Thank you, Janae!"

Taylor Raised Her Score 210 points 


What can I say about Janae? When I first met her and heard about what she does, I just wanted to know how she did it. As someone who eventually wants to start their own therapy practice, I'm in awe of Janae. Someone so young can accomplish something so amazing and fulfilling. She's an inspiration. I am also in awe of how knowledgeable she is. Not only can she effectively coach adolescents on mindset and motivation, but she can also effectively teach subjects on the ACT and the SAT tests. I've learned things about grammar from Janae that I hadn't even learned in my English classes. Having Janae as my coach has helped me realize that I have the capability to learn everything and become exactly who I want to be, and for that I truly appreciate her.

I've learned things about grammar from Janae that I hadn't even learned in my English classes.


Janae’s program gave me the aid that I needed for studying for my SAT exam and getting the score I wanted. Before this program, I was highly stressed which contributed to negative feelings towards the test and therefore worse performance. After attending, I was truly able to approach my SAT exam with the positive mindset and the strategy needed to achieve the scores I wanted. I was able to raise my score by over 260 points. On top of that, her essay editing services gave clarity to the themes in my essays. I started off my essays above the word limit but was able to articulate what I truly wanted to say to readers with concision and clarity because of Janae. Even just talking with Janae felt super natural which made me stress less over this process. Overall, I’m super thankful that I have access to this aid and support during the college admissions process.

Tobechi raised her SAT score 260 points, was accepted into Barnard, and won Amazon's $40,000 scholarship so she doesn't have to worry about paying for college. 


I can't say enough about Janae and her program! The format that Janae provides was extremely beneficial for my daughter. The ability to watch the tutorials at times that were convenient to her schedule was a game-changer for her. Rather than sitting in a class for hours on weekends or spending an hour here and there with a tutor, she could watch the videos (and rewatch them when needed) at any point during the week. The live tutoring on Sunday nights was the icing on the cake. Janae was always extremely responsive when my daughter had questions and was so encouraging. I would highly recommend Janae!

"I can't say enough about Janae and her program! The format that Janae provides was extremely beneficial for my daughter."

Parent to Avery Demoss (Class of 2023)

Amy Demoss

ready to get accepted into your top school?


6 monthly payments of


1 payment of

Even if your student is a procrastinator, they will stay on track with our Ivy League Score Accountability Tracking System including weekly text reminders, weekly coaching attendance tracking, and
weekly data tracking with personalized coaching (we cc parents on these weekly reports so you have automatic updates straight to your inbox).

How will my student stay on track?


Even if your student isn't applying to an Ivy League, a 1500 or 34 on the ACT will be a standard threshold for several top schools on their list. If your student's goal isn’t a 1500 or 34, inside Ivy League Score, your student will learn how to raise their score by 200 points in the next 90 days (and the equivalent for the ACT), which will create confidence for their top schools and 5-figure and 6-figure merit scholarships. 

What if my student isn’t applying to an Ivy?

This is the perfect time for your student to join in preparation for the first Digital SAT in March and Digital ACT in 2024. The strategy for the test has changed and your student wants to be ahead of the curve. If your student wants to be done testing this year, they need to start now.

Why Join now?

Yup, Ivy League Score will SAVE them time. All they need is 3-4 hours/week to Implement our Ivy League Score study process. Even if they’re on the go, they can listen to our weekly coaching through our private podcast, get 1:1 support, and speed through our curriculum on their phone/laptop to make learning flexible.

Is my Student too young?

Nope! If your student is done with Algebra II or close to being done with Algebra II, they’re ready to being preparing for the SAT and ACT - in fact - it'll be easier for them to do it now rather than later. This is the perfect opportunity for them to get ahead.

What if my student is busy, will they have enough time?